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My experience with Move U Right was horrendous. The mover, who did not identify himself despite me introducing myself and shaking his hand, was extremely rude. He showed up over an hour and a half late with someone who appears to have been his son or younger brother. He claimed he was running late because his phone died then handed me two phones with chargers and asked me where he would plug them in. Both of his phones were ringing loudly the entire time he was there and he answered every time. Some of the calls appeared personal in nature. He and his helper often stood out in the hallway or with both of their hands in their pockets watching my friend and I do heavy lifting. One of the worst parts of the experience was when he made rude comments during his many visits in the hallway to take his personal calls to my best friend and roommate who were moving my best friend's belongings to another apt. He stared blankly at them and when they almost reached their destination, he said "let me help you with that" to which my best friend replied "no thank you." His response to my friend was “next time I won't ask." My best friend did not expect to be treated like that in our own home by a man I hired to help me move. Especially after I hired a man for TaskRabbit a few hours prior to help me with something else and he was so pleasant and on time. If I knew my experience with Move U Right would have been this bad I would have hired someone from TaskRabbit to help me and it would have been cheaper.

At this point, tensions were high between myself, my best friends, our friends helping us move, and the two men from Move U Right. I tried to remain as cordial as possible despite the man's terrible attitude because I wanted to get the job done and did not want to further agitate him. Once all of my items were loaded into the U-Box, the man coldly asked me for my lock and when I replied that I didn't have one and asked if the U-Box came with one, he rolled his eyes and said why they would give me one. I politely asked him if he had room in his van for my friend and me to ride with him to U-Haul and he replied that he had a cargo van. Understanding that to mean yes, I told him I would quickly run upstairs to get my wallet and asked him not to leave to which he replied "why would I?" When I returned he was already in the van and when I opened the door I discovered there were no seats and just odds and ends in the back. I must have made a face because the mover replied "What? It's not like I'm going to rape and kill you now that I have all of your stuff." Extremely hesitant and pressed for time because he was so late, my friend and I crawled into the back of the van. He told me to make sure I took a picture of the barcode in the back of the box because "these things get lost" then he asked me for my payment code and tossed a clipboard and a pen to me to fill out the payment sheet. Once I got to U haul I bought the lock. When I came out the man and his helper we still sitting in the van with the car running. I placed the lock on the box and stepped away and towards to the passenger window to ask the man what was the next step. He looked at me for a second and drove away quickly. My friend and I were really upset and started to talk about our terrible experience while we ordered an uber to Whole Foods to pick up dinner. The whole way there we discussed how upset we felt and how terribly we were treated in my own home. We discussed the crazy it was for that man to treat us that way given what's been going on in the news lately with the death of black men and how we, as a race, need to stick together. Once in Whole Foods, we decided to let go of the negative experience and focus on the rest of the day. However, my mover did not feel the same way. Earlier that day while in the elevator he asked me to confirm my phone number. After doing so, I asked him why because he was already here so I wasn't sure why he would still need my number. He said that he received many missed calls from that number that day and wanted to make sure if it was another customer who was trying to schedule an appointment with me. At the time that seemed like a plausible explanation but in hindsight, I don't believe that was true. While in Whole Foods with my friend, I received a text message from my mover saying "It's funny how blacks treat other blacks." Completely shocked by this, I replied "Excuse me" to which my mover never replied. I immediately became worried about my belongings. Did he really deliver them to U-Haul? Did he go joy riding first in an attempt to damage my TV, mirrored dresser, and other fragile items? All of the questions were racing through my mind. I felt that if that man was so bold to treat women in their home that way and to send that awful text message nearly an hour later then who's to say what he wouldn't do next. I also became a little fearful because he knew my address and phone number. This is no way to feel after paying money for a service. Move U Right had great reviews which is why I picked them. However, this experience has turned me off to the idea of every hiring a company from Some of my law school classmates are transferring schools in different states as well and they have been asking me about my moving process. I have been extremely hesitant to recommend them to I won't know the condition of my belongings until I reach DC in August. This has caused me major anxiety. will not assist me in this matter and I was told to contact the police after my mover sent me a long rude text after seeing my review on My only option was to contact them directly using the Resolution Center which I felt necessary after receiving a series of text messages from my mover this morning after I replied asking him to stop texting me.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. RB20162016 stated that there is a room for improvement of harassment over payment code and make you prepay. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of moving help moving service and associated monetary loss in the amount of $195. Moving Help needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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