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Please credit my account Order #B72AB64, Three Rivers Property Management never contacted me after 3 phone messages and did not show up at the designated address or time that I stated on their voice message system. I contacted your customer service on Thursday evening and she tried to contact them and gave me another phone number to call them. I did call 412-901-0984 - Ed and he never replied. Please contact me at 412-704-7877 and credit my... Read more

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Since 9/10 they have been playing default email response games with me. I submitted 4 inquiries now with 3 of the same responses verbatum.

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Beware of this moving scam, I paid online only to have someone to text me at 930 at night to tell me that they do not service my area but yet and still it was advertised in my area and they took my payment. As soon as i was informed of this i called the local movers only to find out that they dont know nothing about the payment portion of the process to call the 1 800 number mind you i have called them at least 5 times only to be on hold for... Read more

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Worst experience ever. Be aware of "helper" Bill (William) Hill (his emails: and He is a scammer , sexual harasser and annoying nasty person. I ordered moving help with I paid for driving 35 cents per mile and $30 for 2 hours for uploading. This person Bill Hill supposed to be my moving helper, he supposed to help me with uploading/moving my things, and driving rented truck to Settle... Read more

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Moving Help Moving Service Review from Los Angeles, California
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The movers I selected to move my items into a storage unit, ended up breaking my dresser (about a year old) which had no previous damage. The movers didn't even tell me they damaged it at the time. I didn't notice there was any damage until my items were being moved out of storage and the moving company showed me where they lifted it up and the leg fell off. I contacted Moving Help and opened a dispute online. All communication disputes are... Read more

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If you rent a Truck in Canada, you are billed in Canadian $; if you book a MovingHelp in Canada, you are billed in US $. This can be significantly more that you expect now that the exchange rate is so high. The Helpers are usually very good. I have no problem with the help that they provide; however, if you are not careful, you are in for a big surprise when your credit card bill arrives. If you put it on a Canadian Credit card, not only is... Read more

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First, I used Frank Movers to load my pod and they were great, said they would be happy to help complete my move, however on moving day they didn't show up AT ALL and would not answer my calls. My niece called them, they apologized said the would be sure I got moved and then didn't hear another peep from them! VERY BAD BUSINESS. The 2nd company Get It Done LLC responded that they were available with 3 men and a truck for 4+ hours to help move,... Read more

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BEWARE! Do not use this site. My movers broke a bunch of my items, then claimed they were already broken. did nothing to assist me. When I filed a dispute through their website, it was simply marked as 'unresolved' and that was that. I contacted both the moving company directly and repeatedly, and nothing happened. When I reviewed the company, they were allowed to respond with the lie that the items were already... Read more

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My experience with Move U Right was horrendous. The mover, who did not identify himself despite me introducing myself and shaking his hand, was extremely rude. He showed up over an hour and a half late with someone who appears to have been his son or younger brother. He claimed he was running late because his phone died then handed me two phones with chargers and asked me where he would plug them in. Both of his phones were ringing loudly the... Read more

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Hi this is Abigail from Apple point court, you help move my stuff into storage and apartment. Wanted to let you know that most of the boxes delivered to my apartment are suppose to be for storage and my clothes that I need are in storage. I wanted to write that as my review but don't think it's fair to do so. Power lifters

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